Okay guys, I’ve started a writing only blog in hopes that one day I’ll be published.  I’ve added a word counter, thank you Valerie Tibbs, so I can be accountable for my wordage.  I’m looking forward to the challenges that I have presented myself and I hope that you follow newbies, friends and authors that I love and respect will check on me and make me accountable, too.

BTW, my other blog is still active and will continue in the manner that it is for now.  Feel free to comment on that, too.  More to come on that blog in the weeks to come.

This is Taylor Kitsch or “Riggins” from one of all time favorite TV shows, Friday Night Lights.  He will be keeping watch over me, too.

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  1. YAY, Marika! Good for you! Thanks for keeping us posted :)

  2. Love it. It's bright, sunny and just perfect!

  3. Very nice! Love the colors and the graphics – especially Taylor:)

  4. Thanks to yall for coming over. Taylor is mighty fine. Not too many people know that I'm writing but I did want to share with yall. I will keep you posted on the progress.D's is due in August to be published early next year. The other shorty is due in August, too.This is all about baby steps right now…

  5. Hot guy and word counter. Looks like you're off to a great start!

  6. Thanks Mari….baby steps…baby steps…

  7. What a great idea! And what a cutie patootie to watch over you. It's wonderful that you're writing and you seem to be off to a great start. :0))Elece

  8. Great blog! I did the same thing before I got published. Put up a blog and started talking about my goals. lol BUT…I didn't have the fancy word counters…um…still don't! lolGood luck!!! :)

  9. Thank you Elece and Jambi! Baby steps and yes, Taylor is a cutie!

  10. Hey, Harlie!Sorry to take so long getting here! I've been out of the zone…LOL.Love your new site, and love your word counter! I've got to get one of those!Happy writing!

  11. Love the pic. Yummy goodness to look at all day long!

  12. If anyone is interested about the counter, it can be found at yes, anyone excuse to look at Riggins is a good day.

  13. Anyone who puts Riggins in their first blog is totally worth following!!

  14. Thank you Marie Rose! He's is special, isn't he. I'm still crying over the show being off the air now. I miss him and Coach Taylor, too. Kyle Chandler has always been hot to me…

  15. This is awesome, Marika! We'll be here cheering you on all the way! :)

  16. If you read my comments, this is baby steps right now. Just baby steps. Plus, with the writing class I'm taking, this is about all I can handle right now. My goal is to be published by RomantiCon 2012. I know, huge goal.

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