Six Sentence Sunday

 This is my first entry so don’t be too harsh.  Its from my rejection…

He stood at over six foot tall, with coal black hair and the greenest eyes that would hypnotize even the most jaded person.  With wide shoulders, trim hips and thighs that will look spectular naked.  His Wrangler jeans hugged every inch, and those jeans were older, softer looking and would feel oh so good against my own legs.  They’d look even better crumpled around his ankles.  He wore the tightest black t-shirt, it was close to bursting on his biceps and barely containing his six pack abs.  Straightening his Stetson on his head, he turns around and walks up to me, my stomach began to flutter and my palms sweat a bit. 

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  1. nice (remember remain consistent with your verb tenses)love ya!Liz

  2. He sounds like quite a stud. *drools*(Got here in the end – the extra s in the original address was sending me astray.)I wish you luck at getting your story contracted.

  3. Nice texturing. He sounds yummy ;)Aine ~ House Millar series

  4. Thanks Liz. Working on it today. *wink* Thanks Mistress. L.M. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Yum. Nice description.

  6. Sounds like he'd feel oh so nice with or without his clothes! Very nice use of the sense of touch. Great first six!

  7. Wow…what a mind picture that created!!!!

  8. You'll only find Wranglers around my house, too. Great six. Good job.

  9. I want to thank everyone for coming over and reading my six. Next week, we met the heroine. And yes, there is a reason for no names. :) He is hot, isn't he? Nothing better than a man in Wranglers. Okay, maybe with nothing on. :)

  10. Thanks Jennifer. :) He is hot… Trust me there's alot more.

  11. Naked thighs and jeans around the ankles – hellya! Good to see you in the six, Marika! ;c)

  12. Thanks Sarah. Decided it was time for the grown ups table. :) And yes, around the ankles…mmmmm

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