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The Nightlife in San Antonio (The Nightlife Series) by Travis Luedke

Title: The Nightlife San Antoniocover

Author: Travis Luedke

Series: The Nightlife Series

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance/Vampires

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: June 9th 2014

Edition: eBook with Print Coming Soon



Vampires, Mafia & Mayhem:

The Nightlife San Antonio is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

All she wanted was to escape the police. All he wanted was to get laid. They both got more than they bargained for.


EMT on call, Adrian Faulkner resuscitates a beautiful woman after a Mexican mafia shootout. He can’t explain why he picks her up in the hospital parking lot three days later and then ducks the San Antonio police and the Feds. Well, the hot sex might have something to do with it.


She needed to hide. With no memory of even her name, she didn’t know from who. She only knew she wasn’t safe.


Adrian soon learns she is much more than a damsel in distress, and he’s stuck with her. It isn’t long before the past she cannot remember begins to catch up with them both…


THE NIGHTLIFE SAN ANTONIO is a non-stop thrill ride through the shadowy borderworld of mafia politics and vampires – and sex.


Grab your copy of this urban fantasy romance today!


The Nightlife Series novels are Adult Paranormal Romance ~ Urban Fantasy Thriller:









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Author Information

Travis Luedke is a husband, father, and author of Urban Fantasy Thriller, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, and Sci-fi. He is currently catching a 3rd degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, and loving every minute of it.

As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

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Book Blitz for Doris O’Connor’s The Mating Project-NSFW excerpt


thematingprojectThe Mating Project

By Doris O’Connor


Being together could mean death to them all, but walking away is not an option…


Bloodlines need to be protected at all costs and as a true blood cougar Maria is expected to mate with a council approved shifter. Too bad the one chosen makes her skin crawl for all the wrong reasons.


Running away once landed her in hot water, and look how that ended up. Malachi Luca saved her life ten years ago, and then promptly disappeared. So much for true mates and all that jazz.


It bought her time, but now Maria is feeling the strain. Seducing Professor Silas Deacon should be a welcome distraction, except, the human turns out to be her mate, too.


And that damn wolf—yeah he’s back and determined to claim both his cat and his human.


What’s a girl to do? Fight for love and enjoy the awesome sex, of course.


Buy it from Evernight Publishing. For all other Buy links, please check here.


Authors Bio:

Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris… at least that’s what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is n

Excerpt: (18 and up only. Note: language and graphic sexual description)


Maria couldn’t get enough air into her lungs, and she yanked on her restraints, the longer the two of them just stood there watching her through hooded lids.


Relax, little cat. Let us take care of you, and we’ll deal with the rest of the world tomorrow, or next week.


Silas winked at her, and Maria’s agitated cat calmed down. In fact the animal bowed her head in submission and hissed her approval when Malachi pulled his tee over his head. Her throat went dry taking in the hair roughened expanse of his chest and the force of his erection straining his jeans. Silas, too, shrugged out of his shirt and kicked off his trousers and boxer briefs in one impatient move. His magnificent cock bounced up to his navel, and Maria whimpered when he took himself in hand and stroked along his impressive girth. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from the slow movement of that hand. Not even when Malachi tore her dress off her with one abrupt flick of his clawed hands.


Cool air fluttered across her exposed skin, and her breasts grew heavy as her nipples tried their best to punch through the lace of her bra. The bed dipped again when Malachi knelt next to her and with a few well-placed flicks of his claws cut away their lacy covering. He continued a downward path of pleasuring pain toward her mound, using just enough force to leave a red trail behind. The slow slide and drag of those razor-sharp nails of his caused her whole body to tense, as sensations bombarded her. More of her juices gushed out of her as her pussy clenched in desperate need to be filled, and her hips pushed up when he circled her clit with his claw, lazy, incredibly slow circles that had her panting and undulating her hips in an effort to increase the pressure to that little swollen nubbin.


“Lie still, princess, or so help me I’ll leave you hanging.” Malachi’s hot hand landed on her belly and pushed her hips back down on the bed at the same time as Silas stepped close enough for Malachi to grasp hold of his cock. The action meant he abandoned Maria’s needy clit, and she whimpered when he licked away the bead of pre-cum that had appeared on Silas’s dick.


“Fuck, yes.” Silas hissed the words as Malachi took all of his lover’s dick in his mouth and fondled his balls with one hand. The other still held her hips down, and Maria bit her lip as arousal fizzed through her veins. She wanted to come so badly, and she was so damn close that the slight wafts of air, created by Malachi bobbing his head up and down on Silas’s cock made her clit contract with need.


Silas fisted his hands in Malachi’s hair and fucked his mouth with an urgency and brutal need that he’d never displayed with her. She tore her gaze away from the sight of Malachi’s lips stretched across Silas’s dick to find Silas’s gaze riveted between her thighs.


Maria whimpered at the heat of that gaze, until Silas pulled away from Malachi and knelt next to her head instead.


Grasping his dick, slick with Malachi’s saliva, he ran it across her bottom lip, and Maria opened her mouth eagerly to take in as much as he could. Silas kept his hand on the base of his shaft to stop her from choking on his length, and she shot him a grateful look, as he started to fuck her mouth. The taste of him mixed in with Malachi’s earthy scent, and she swallowed the first spurts of his cum down.


“Fuck, that’s so hot.”


Malachi’s words sounded strained and slightly distorted as though he was more wolf than man right now, and Silas fucked her faster. One hand wrapped in her hair as he held her head at just the right angle to serve his needs, and the knowledge that he used her to his ends, had her grow even wetter. The rip of fabric as her underwear tore made her shudder, and there was the swipe of Malachi’s rough tongue, and her body tensed. His claws dug into her ass as he lifted her up to give himself better access to her drenched core, and she screamed as her first orgasm ripped through her body.


Malachi chuckled into her pussy and then stepped up his efforts as Silas pulled out of her mouth and his hot cum splashed over her breasts.


Maria was too far gone to care, because Malachi now pushed two fingers into her channel, and finding her sweet spot in record time sent her over the edge twice more.


By the time she could draw air into her lungs, Silas was removing her leg shackles and Malachi had rid himself of his trousers. His cock was just as thick, if not thicker than Silas’s. It wasn’t quite as long, and the head of his dick looked swollen and purple, the balls drawn up tight to his body as though he was barely holding in his cum.


Malachi’s stubble glistened with the evidence of her arousal, and when he bent to devour her mouth his with his, she tasted herself in with him. It pitched her need for him sky high again, despite her earlier orgasms, and she pleaded with him in between kisses.


“Please, please…”


He pulled away and with a wicked grin bent down to lick the sticky evidence of Silas’s cum of her breasts. Silas joined him on the other side, and the dual sensations sent her clit and pussy into overdrive. There was something so dirty and yet terribly arousing in the act, and when both men bit down on one erect nipple each, another orgasm ripped through her.



There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.


She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.


Writer of sensual, sassy, sexy romances

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Faelon (Forgotten Touch #1) by AJ Kelton – Excerpt/Book Blast/Giveaway


GIVEAWAY INFO:  Prize is 5 eBook copies (1 each of 5 winners) of “Faelon (Forgotten Touch #1)” from AJ Kelton. Contest is tour-wide and ends June 9. Must be 18 years of age or
older to enter.  Rafflecopter Link is at the bottom of the post.  Good Luck!

Faelon (Forgotten Touch #1)

by AJ Kelton

Gay Erotic Paranormal Romance

Publisher: MLR Press

Release Date: April 7, 2013

Heat Level: Sizzling

Word Count: 70,000

Available at:

Amazon (Print) | Amazon (Kindle) | ARe | B&N (Print) | B&N (Nook) | MLR Press


Who knew that loving a Nephilim could be so dangerous.

Faelon, a 3000-year-old nephilim, fleeing a demonic master, found safety with the church. He has repaid their kindness by translating various artifacts. Father Donovan has watched as Faelon became a recluse, fearing those who would harm him.

Jax, wanting a change, moves to Salem, MA where he finds work as a churches security guard. Not believing that Faelon is a nephilim, he is forced to confront his own beliefs in the supernatural.

Can he learn to accept Faelon, and be the master he requires? Or lose the man he loves to the demons who would harm him.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations (including BDSM) and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

About the Author:

AJ Kelton are the dynamic writing team of Angel and Jordan. The couple met online several years ago on an Alexander fan site and have been friends ever since. Angel soon found that Jordan had a flare for storytelling with several half-finished stories on her computer. Angel encouraged Jordan to finish the stories and with help in creative description she decided to send the stories off to MLR press. They were both shocked and excited when they got the news that Faelon was accepted for publication. While Jordan may have a flare for storytelling she doesn’t enjoy the smaller details in getting a story ready for publication. That is where Angel comes in; she spends countless hours getting the story ready after line edits, going over each line in proofing and formatting, making decisions such as covers and fonts, all things that Jordan just has problems focusing on.

Angel is always on the lookout for her perfect mate, a cross between Ethan from Under the Australian Sky and Evan from Marco. Until Mr. Perfect appears at her door, or in front of her booth wanting an autograph she loves to read, take pictures and attend concerts of all kinds. She loves all things 80’s. Angel lives in Texas with her two dogs, Daisy a beagle who she insists is nothing like snoopy and her Chihuahua Bonita.

When not writing Jordan loves to read anything from Amish romance to the dark taboo books of fiction both M/M and Het. She is a very avid reader, except when writing because she doesn’t want to be influenced by what she is reading. Jordan loves to travel and often her latest vacation spots show up in his books. While Jordan is always looking for that perfect place to live at the moment she can be found in Kansas.

Both writers have solo projects coming out in the future, Angel with Misunderstandings under the name Angel Rothamel. Jordan with Legion under the name Rider Jacobs.

Both authors would love to hear from you. You can contact them via their web page You can also find them on Facebook under both AJ Kelton, Angel Rothamel and Rider Jacobs.

Connect with AJ Kelton

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Yahoo Group

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Stone Chameleon (An Ironhill Jinn Novel) by Jocelyn Adams – Interview/Excerpt

Stone Chameleon 333x500

Series:  Ironhill Jinn, book #1

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Publisher:  MuseItUp Publishing

Release Date:  May 24th, 2013

Keywords:  jinn, vampires, elves, fantasy, urban fantasy, romance, romantic, mystery, suspense, humor, kelpies, elementals, paranormal.


When a series of unusual murders point to Lou Hudson, Ironhill’s equal rights advocate, as the primary suspect, she has but one choice: find the real perpetrator before her trial begins or face execution.

Lou, the last of the jinn, survives by hiding her abilities after the rest of the elementals fell victim to genocide. As a preternatural pest exterminator and self-proclaimed guardian of the innocent, she’s accustomed to trudging through the dregs of society. Hunting down a pesky murderer should be easy, especially with help from the dashing and mischievous local media darling.

For Lou, though, nothing is ever simple. When she discovers the killer’s identity, to reveal it would unearth her secret and go against her strict moral code, resulting in a deadly catch twenty-two.

Author Interview:

About You:

So have you ever written under another name?

I’m actually attempting to juggle three pen names at the moment.  J  I write adult mainstream fiction under Jocelyn Adams, erotica under another name, and I’m in the process of writing two young adult novels under yet another name.  My muse has a mind of his own, and he likes a little variety in our creativity.

Do you have pieces of work that you think will never see light of day?

Oh yes, at least two completed novels – one young adult PNR and one erotic, and several other half completed ones that I’ve pillaged ideas and characters from to incorporate into stronger stories elsewhere.  It’s possible I might revisit one of my earliest works, but I have so many other ideas floating around, I doubt it.

About Your Book:

Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

My message is summed up nicely in the dedication which I’ll share with you:

For those brave enough to stand between prejudice and its victims,

who see beauty in the soul instead of the skin,

and who can walk among all races, creeds, orientations,

and religions and see only friends.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Earnest Hemmingway said it best:  “The hardest part of writing a novel is finishing it.”  The last ten chapters are always the most complicated as that’s where the weaving together of the storylines, and setting up for the next book if applicable, come into play.  I always drag my feet on those.  So satisfying to type THE END, though, which helps me push through.

Once we finish this book and fall in love with your characters, we are going to want the next book immediately.  What can you tell your readers to help calm their hunger for more?

For those who follow my work, they already know how cruel I am to my characters, so I’ll say only this…Isaac is going to make Lou’s life hell for a while, as well as tempt her in ways she never dreamed of.

About Writing in General:

Do you have a method for creating your characters, their names and what do you think makes them believable?

My characters often create themselves.  I begin a book with a general idea of who a character is, along with a name that usually just comes to me, and then let the character lead me where they want to go.  I bring them to life by putting them in the most horrendous situations I can imagine and letting them find their way out of it.  It’s worked out well so far.  J

When was the last time you wrote something you didn’t expect to write?

Just recently actually.  I’m writing a new adult PNR, and a scene that hadn’t so much as flitted through my mind was suddenly on the paper.  It was an odd experience for me, but the scene changed everything in the book.


What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

There are those out there who like to be mean, and I put myself out there knowing my work wouldn’t be for everyone, so I honestly don’t look too hard at the negativity in the reviews.  My beta readers put me through my paces, and those criticisms I take and learn from to make myself better.

The best compliment I’ve ever received was:  “Bless you for not writing the easy ending.  I’ve been thinking about this story for days, so bravo to you.”  That particular story was a tragedy, and I knew not everyone would enjoy the bittersweet ending, but this reader got it, felt it, took it to heart as I meant them to.  That was enough to make the story worthwhile to write.

Fun Questions:

If you could have any automobile, which would you have?

I’d totally have a Porche 911 turbo if I had the money.  Sexy, goes like hell, and it’s all wheel drive.  On yeah. *shivers*


Okay, so everyone has had a chance to see your awesomeness. Where can they go to snag their own copy of your novel?

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the Web. I really wish you the best of everything. But before you go…where can we follow you?

Thanks so much for the chat today, it was fun.  You can connect with me here:

Website  |  BlogFacebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads


A flare shot over the rooftops to our left. I dove at Blake and slammed him to the pavement as another column of fire streaked toward us. The flames seared my back. The dragon bat was not a happy camper. Someone landed on my backside, crushing a grunt out of me and pounding my shoulder blade while Blake gasped beneath me.

“Bloody hell, Amun,” I said, before I realized he did it to put out the flames eating up my shirt. “Oh, I see. Thanks.”

He pulled me up, and the three of us ducked behind a car in the parking lot beside the Whip and Tickle, a vampire fetish-wear shop. The owl-sized bat swooped over us again, blasting an inferno that exploded the front window of the shop, sending studded leather and melted mannequins onto the sidewalk.

Three of the other creatures we’d hunted lay dead on other streets, the scorpion included, all by my sword when I’d been left with two options: kill or die. Twelve more were contained in three trucks. The bat remained the only unwelcome visitor in Fangtown. Other than us, of course.

“This is madness, Lou.” Amun panted beside me, his arms rising to shield his head as the bat exhaled on a Mini Cooper two cars over, the crackling and popping suggesting we should find a new hiding place.

“I agree with Mr. Bassili,” Blake said, his drawl worsening with his fright. “What the hell in a hand grenade do we do now?”

Rudy poked his almost translucent head out from behind the newspaper boxes he dove behind during the first fiery blast. The poor guy shook so badly I’d have been surprised if he could see anything. I gestured to him to stay put. “We’ve scared it, not something you want to do to a dragon bat.” A deep exhalation centered me enough to think. “I seem to recall the pecking order in a colony of bats. If we want protection from the dominants, we must present an offering of food.”

“And that helps us how?” Amun, his face blackened with soot and smeared with dirt, tilted to rest against the tire of the car, appearing as frazzled as I’d ever seen him. The sight induced a belly laugh that wouldn’t be contained.

He took on a strange expression of one eyebrow cocked and a half-grin, as if he wasn’t sure whether to be amused or offended. “What?”

I waved him off. “Nothing, I think I’m just losing my marbles.” Rising up enough to see around the car to Rudy, I shouted, “Rudy, do you have any rodents in your truck? Rats or mice?”

“No,” he hollered back, “but I can call some for you.”

I nodded. “As fast as you can.”

Flapping came from our rears. Crackling. A blast tossed the front of a car up until it crashed down on its hood, crushing a Mazda behind it.

“Move!” I shoved at Amun and tugged Blake toward the back of the fetish shop, since it was much closer than the front where flames still poured out of the broken window. Amun kicked out with a startling force against the wooden door. It took three tries, but it finally gave. My, but he was strong. We rushed inside and crouched behind a cement wall beside a set of stairs leading down.

“What do you want the rats for?” Amun asked with obvious suspicion. “Tell me you don’t want one of us to go out there and dangle something for that thing to come and snatch, probably toasting us to a golden brown in the process? Because I think I’ve grown a healthy dose of sympathy for marshmallows right about now.”

“Don’t worry, Amun. I’m going, not you. We just need to listen for Rudy to come back, if he hasn’t chickened out and run for the hills. Hopefully rats like to hang out here and aren’t snapped up for evening snacks.” There was a reason the umikan stuck to small, normal pests, other than his ability to talk to them. Although he’d deal with the scarier stuff when the need called for it, he usually didn’t have enough courage to fill a thimble.

“What?” Amun palmed his forehead. “You can’t be serious.” He gestured toward the door. “Have you been oblivious to the destruction that thing caused just in the last ten minutes? It’s pissed, and I don’t think it’s going to care about some little morsel you offer it.” His frown tugged at his features. “Why are you smiling like that?”

I shrugged, hopped up on adrenaline and enjoying the sight of the great Amun Bassili squirming. “This is what I do for a living.”

“You’re enjoying this?” Both of his eyebrows jacked up.

“Yup,” Blake said, rolling his eyes and chuckling from deep in his belly. “Weirdest broad I ever knew. Takes a bit of starch outta the ole manhood, don’t it?”

I wiped the char from my hands onto my jeans. “To do a job one takes no pride in is a travesty, in my opinion.”

At Rudy’s shout from beyond the wall, I said, “Stay here. Don’t come out until I call or you could send the bat into fits again.”

About the Author:joceadams

Jocelyn Adams grew up on a cattle farm in Lakefield and has remained a resident of Southern Ontario her entire life, most recently in Muskoka. She has worked as a computer geek, a stable hand, a secretary, and spent most of her childhood buried up to the waist in an old car or tractor engine with her mechanically inclined dad. But mostly, she’s a dreamer with a vivid imagination and a love for dark fantasy (and a closet romantic — shhh!). When she isn’t shooting her compound bow in competition or writing, she hangs out with her husband and young daughter at their little house in the woods.



Website  |  BlogFacebook  |  Twitter  |  Goodreads

Purchase Links:

Publisher Buy Link

Greater Treasures by Karina Fabian – Excerpt/Giveaway/Interview



E-book:  Here’s your chance to win a free electronic copy of Greater Treasures.  Leave a comment or question for Karina, Vern, or Sister Grace.

Grab bag:  Vern gripes about the junk in his warehouse in Greater Treasures, but he and Grace have started going through boxes, and they’ve agreed to send something to one of my readers.  Leave a comment or question for Karina, Vern, or Sister Grace.

Blurb:  Being a private detective in the border town of the Faerie and Mundane worlds isn’t easy, even for a dragon like Vern.   Still, finding the wayward brother of a teary damsel in distress shouldn’t have gotten so dangerous.  When his partner, Sister Grace, gets poisoned by a dart meant for him, Vern offers to find an artifact in exchange for a cure.  However, this is no ordinary trinket—with a little magic power, it could control all of mankind.  Can Vern find the artifact, and will he sacrifice the fate of two worlds for the life of his best friend?

Keywords:  dragons, mystery, dragoneye, noir fantasy, lance of longinus, maltese falcon, dragon detectives, neo-nazis, racial prejudice, faerie creatures, conspiracy theories in fantasy, Karina Fabian

Pages: 130

ISBN-13: 978-1484848296

ISBN-10: 1484848292



Given the day I was having, it came as no surprise that when I got home, I found the dogs sprawled in a drugged sleep and the sounds of things being overturned from within the warehouse. I decided not to bother with subtlety, but I did resist the urge to burst in with flames going full-blast. I had questions first.

Naturally, I walked straight in to find an automatic weapon—yep, a bona fide black-market AK-47—and I thought only Faerie lived their clichés—and six other weapons of various types pointed at me. I didn’t stop, just closed the door with my tail while I strolled in slow and placid-like. My visitors had shaved heads, faces painted white with clown paint, and black t-shirts with swastikas in white circles.

“If you’re the housekeeping service, you’re fired.”

“You stay right there, or we gonna fire you!” said one guy from the sidelines as he held his nunchucks at the ready.

What’d he think he would do—whack me on the nose? I turned to the one holding the assault rifle. “Scraping the bottom of the barrel with that one, weren’t you?”

“He’s right. You just stay still while we search the place.”

“The place” was a ten-thousand square foot warehouse with offices on the upper floor. Boxes I still hadn’t opened line the walls and made a maze in the second warehouse room. I settled myself on the floor and rested my head on my crossed arms. “Go ahead. I get half of anything you find.”

They stared at me, unbelieving. I smiled back. Mr. Cooperation, that’s me. Finally, Big Gun snarled for the others to get to work. As he turned his back on me, Nunchucks muttered, “I got your half. Don’t think I don’t.” Guess he learned such witty repartee in Hitler Youth Summer Camp.

I watched and listened and waited. With eight teenage skinheads trashing my place, it was only a matter of time.

“I wouldn’t go in there if I were you,” I suggested as Nunchucks made a grab for the doorknob to Grace’s workshop.

“You gonna stop me?” He turned the knob.

“Nope,” I said as I closed my ears and my eyes. Even so, I saw the otherworldly light and heard the harmonious roar of Divine Vengeance followed by Mundane screams.

“The Heavenly Host on the other hand…”

I waited until the screams died down to whimpers before opening my eyes and rising.

Four of the skinheads were unconscious. Three may as well have been; they were curled up in the fetal position, whimpering. Nunchucks was actually crying for his mommy. Big Guns had collapsed to the floor as well, the gun thrown away from him. He was sitting and rocking and making high-pitched keening through the roof of his mouth.

I’d tell Grace to tone down her wards some, except that the effect is directly proportional to the evilness of the intent. Suddenly, I was feeling a little shaky about my earlier entrance.

Knights out of the armor now. I went around, collecting weapons in the office trash can and poking through pockets. I found the usual stuff—driver’s licenses, credit cards, petty cash… One kid had a condom; wishful thinking on his part, I knew. Another had a report card. MLK High. Wonder if he was the one beating up Faerie kids? Honor roll grades, too. Of all the years I’ve battled evil, there were still some things I didn’t understand.

As I was returning Big Guns’ (aka Rick Matherston’s) wallet back into his jacket pocket, he blinked and focused on me.

“What was that?”

“Angels, kid.” Actually a kind of magical shadow of the real thing, but close enough.
“But I thought angels were—”

“There’s a reason why their first words are usually ‘Fear not!’ whenever they meet a human.”

His eyes returned to their unfocused stare. I almost felt sorry for him. Then I noticed the letters FARISLAR tattooed on his knuckles. Faerie slayer.

About Greater Treasures:  Most people associate the DragonEye stories with high humor ranging from puns to slapstick, and in fact, the first stories and the novels have certainly been crazy fun.  But the life of a cynical dragon PI isn’t all laughs, and Vern has had a few chilling stories to tell me.  Some of these, I’ve sold to anthologies, but some are too long for that.  Thus, I’ve decided to start publishing them on my own.

One thing I like to do for DragonEye stories is watch old noir films.  Greater Treasures came to me while watching the Maltese Falcon.  If you’ve never seen it, I recommend it.  (Then, reread the story to see if you catch the in jokes.)  I needed something with more “oomph” than a bird statue, and since Vern has some history with the Lance of Longinus, it made a good fit.  I enjoyed looking up all the conspiracy theories about the use of the Lance by Hitler, which is where the neo-Nazi angle came in.  To say more would be spoilers, so please, enjoy the story.

And if you do, be sure to check out Vern’s other tales at

Author interview

Welcome Karina!  Please start off by telling us a little about yourself.

I am a writer of a large and growing imagination and a large but shrinking physique.  (I’m enrolled in circuit torture, er circuit training, five times week.  You can read about it each Wednesday at  I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, plus some horror.  Some of my books are very funny, while others, like Greater Treasures, are more grim.  I love that my characters are so versatile, but find that they tell more stories than I can write down, which is a frustrating experience.

Is Greater Treasures a single title, or part of a series?

It’s part of a series, to use the term loosely.  I have two DragonEye novels and multiple DragonEye stories in various anthologies and magazines.  Vern is my most prolific character, and he tells me tales in every length from flash to novel.  Greater Treasures is a novelette or novella (depending on the definition you use).  It’s one of his more serious cases, although he can’t help being snarky in a very fun way.  Dragons have a terrible, wonderful superiority complex, and it shines through in his narration.


What were your inspirations for the story?

For this one, The Maltese Falcon (the movie).  Vern is a noir-style private investigator, a Sam Spade of the fantasy world, so often I will turn to old noir films for inspiration.  Of course, the stakes are much higher than finding a bird statue.


Please share your setting for Greater Treasures. Have you ever lived or visited there? If so, what did you like most?   

Los Lagos, Colorado, is a small town in a valley in the Rocky Mountains, west and south of Canon City.  It’s completely made up, but I lived in southern Colorado most of my life, so I do know the general area.  The only connection between our world and the Faerie, the Interdimensional Gap, is located not far from town.  Caused by a combination of magical mishap on the Faerie side and nuclear explosion on our side, it has been both blessing and curse as the township has become the center of an influx of magical creatures and interdimensional trade.

When did the writing bug first bite?

Fourth or fifth grade, and I’ve been scratching it off and on ever since.


Do you have any hobbies or special things you like to do in your spare time? 

When I remember what spare time means, I’ll figure out a hobby to fill it.  However, this year, I decided to get serious about getting fit.  I was nearing 170 and running out of breath going up the stairs.  How pitiful is that?  There’s a gym on the way home from dropping the kids off at school—Biofit Bootcamp.  The instructor is a great guy who sets difficult but reasonable tasks and knows how to inspire without overpushing.  I go five times a week for an hour.  The routines change daily, so every muscle gets punished—er, worked on—each week.  I’ve only lost fifteen pounds because I don’t diet, but I’m toning up, which is what I really care about.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard or seen?

In Metaponto, Italy, the ruins of the Pythagorean temple are coated in snails.  Thousands and thousands of snails.  You cannot walk without stepping on snails.  I always wanted to write a story about the inhabitants getting turned into snails.


  Winner of the 2010 INDIE for best Fantasy (Magic, Mensa and Mayhem), Karina Fabian has imagination that takes quirky twists that keep her–and her fans–amused. Nuns working in space, a down-and-out Faerie dragon working off a geas from St. George, zombie exterminators—there’s always a surprise in Fabian’s worlds. Mrs. Fabian teaches writing and book marketing seminars, but mostly is concerned with supporting her husband, Rob Fabian as he makes the exciting leap from military officer to civilian executive, getting her kids through high school and college, and surviving daily circuit torture…er, circuit training.  Read about her adventures at


Find Karina at:





Google +:


Outside Links: I’ve been told that if you link to outside articles, you increase your SEO.  Here’re some:

Lance of Longinus:

Maltese Falcon:

Live and Let Fly:

Magic, Mensa and Mayhem:


Book tour link with all the stops:


Her Warriors Three Wishes by Carrie Ann Ryan – Promo



Humans aren’t as alone as they choose to believe. Every human possesses a trait of supernatural that lays dormant within their genetic make-up. Centuries of diluting and breeding have allowed humans to think they are alone and untouched by magic. But what happens when something changes?

Ambrose Griffin is older than most, if not all, civilizations. As each year passes, he submerses himself into his training, only relaxing around his protégée and friend, Shade.  After losing his wife and children in the last Angelic Wars, he guards his heart and has no desire to share it with another.

Bookkeeper and romance novel enthusiast, Jamie Bennett dreams of being swept off her feet by a white knight. However, her life is no romance book. Since meeting Ambrose—a sexy, delicious angel—she’s been twisted inside out and doesn’t know why.  Things are happening that she can’t control and now her life is in danger.

Balin Drake is stuck in hell, literally. His life of refusing to take souls, even though it’s part of his demon nature, has caught up with him. He’s dying and now must search for his true half, but even a mating may not save him. When he meets the two people who could fill that part, he’ll need to fight for something he hasn’t felt in over a century—hope.

Warning: Contains a rigid angel who needs a certain sexy woman to help him unwind, a book keeper who finds herself the creamy center of the best cookie ever, and a demon who has a certain taste for pressing them both against walls.

A little about Carrie Ann:   Carrie Ann Ryan Author Pix

Carrie Ann Ryan is a bestselling paranormal and contemporary romance author. After spending too much time behind a lab bench, she decided to dive into the romance world and find her werewolf mate – even if it’s just in her books. Happy endings are always near – even if you have to get over the challenges of falling in love first.

Carrie Ann’s Redwood Pack series is an bestselling series that has made the shifter world even more real to her and has allowed the Dante’s Circle and Holiday, Montana series to be born. She’s also an avid reader and lover of romance and fiction novels. She loves meeting new authors and new worlds. Any recommendations you have are appreciated. Carrie Ann lives in New England with her husband and two kittens.

Carrie Ann loves hearing from readers. You can find her at:

Website | Facebook  | Goodreads | Twitter: @CarrieAnnRyan

Introducing Tease from Decadent Publishing, Featuring Cursed by Cate Masters – Promo/Excerpt/Giveaway


GIVEAWAY – Book swag – bookmarks and magnets.  Rafflecopter link is at the bottom of the post and it will be open for 7 days.  Good luck!



The Vitruvian Man, book 1

by Cate Masters

Paranormal romance novella

Available April 24 from Decadent Tease:


Ten days of freedom. That’s all Fate had allotted me each year. In the streets of Venice,

I could walk among them. Mingle. Belong.


During Carnevale, they had no idea who I was. What I was.


For ten days, it didn’t matter.


Until I met her.

Bruno diCesare lives alone by necessity, not choice. An experiment performed by Leonardo da Vinci, who believed having a dual DNA would grant a person immortality, used magic to render Bruno a chimera – the head of a lion, body of a dragon. The only time he can mingle with people is during Carnevale, ten glorious days of masked anonymity, frivolity and intimacy.

Melina Weaver learned fire dancing to enliven her dull existence. A scientist, her long hours at the lab leave no time for a social life. For ten days at Carnevale, she can pretend to be someone else. Someone sexy and daring, who lives on the edge.

Once she meets Bruno, her wish comes true, but everything goes terribly wrong. Beneath Bruno’s costume lurks an alpha male, but is he dangerous? Worse, can she return to an employer who sells her research to the military to make an army of efficient killers? Her only hope may lie with the man she’s just met and never seen.


Light danced in his dark eyes. “I must admit, your fire dancing fascinated me. What made you choose such a dangerous skill to master?”
“The thrill of the challenge, I suppose.” It balanced the rest of her mundane life, to a degree. Mastering each new level gave her a sense of achievement, where work couldn’t.

Something flashed through his dark eyes. “Mistakes must be very painful.”

“I practiced a long time before I worked up the nerve to actually light the wands. I found the fire great incentive to focus, however.” God, her grin must be goofy, the way he stared. Such gorgeous eyes, such a deep brown they almost appeared black. He probably had rugged features, if his large hands provided any indication. Too bad he wore gloves, another barrier between them.

“Yes,” he said, “I imagine so.”

“What about you? What other magic do you know?” Oh please, can you get any more ridiculous? It sounded like a line from a bad chick flick.

The crinkle around his eyes was the only evidence of his smile, but enough to charm her.

“Lifetimes of studying the dark arts have provided me with many tricks.”

“Lifetimes?” she blurted.

He stiffened in her arms. “Pardon?”

She watched him carefully. “You said ‘lifetimes’. Plural.” And what the hell did he mean by ‘dark arts’?

Rigidity masked the grace of his movements. “I’m sure you’re mistaken.” He stared over her head as they whirled to the song’s rhythm.

Mistaken my ass. How very strange. More strange that the question upset him. He’d clammed up, and his muscles were so tense, she expected him to bolt. Better to drop it. For now. “Must have been a slip of the tongue.”

“Yes.” Relief sounded in his tone, though guarded.

This man had something to hide. How intriguing.

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Decadent Publishing Buy Link

Author Bio:

Cate Masters has made beautiful central Pennsylvania her home, but she’ll always be a Jersey girl at heart. When not spending time with her dear hubby, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company. Look for her at and in strange nooks and far-flung corners of the web.
Cate loves to hear from readers! Email her at:

Email Address:
Website URL: (redirects to blog)
Blog Name and URL: Cate Masters

Google +:
Other Social Media: Coffee Time Romance forum


Decadent Tease is a sub-line of Decadent Publishing. Tease’s main goal is to publish stories that are heartwarming, action-packed and romance-filled in order to leave readers craving more. As a proud part of Decadent Publishing, Tease serves to give both readers and authors the chance to make a difference with romantic fiction. For more information, please check out: or

©2013 Decadent Publishing

A Tiger’s Claim (An Ashwood Falls Novel) by Lia Davis – Review/Character Interview/Giveaway/Excerpt



Lia is giving away a $25 Amazon GC and a swag pack to one commenter during the tour.  Rafflecopter link is at the bottom of the post.  Good luck!

A Tiger’s Claim – Ashwood Falls, book 1

By Lia Davis

Publisher: Fated Desires Publishing


As the Alpha’s only daughter Shayna Andrews has always been treated like a rare gem, protected like royalty, and she’s suffocating.  Her longing to be independent has driven her to sneak out one evening after dinner. After relishing in being able to run free without an escort, she finds herself face-to-face with the enemy, miles from home, and nearly loses her life until a lone wolf comes to her aid.

Travis Hunter’s main objective is to destroy the Onyx Pack—a group of drug using, murdering rogue shifters. His seek-and-destroy plans are put on hold when he rescues a female from a brutal attack. The beautifully exotic tiger shifter, Shayna, stirs a passion he thought died with his long-lost mate.

When Shay’s first heat cycle slams into her, Travis has no choice but to submit to her needs—and his own. But there is always a price to sleeping with the Pack princess. Not only will they have to face her Pack, Shay and Travis will have to deal with a mating that is beyond a single night and could have consequences more than either of them had thought. And when Travis finds out Shay wears the enemy’s brand, things will go from bad to worse.

Warning: One alpha female who doesn’t take no for an answer, a wolf with more on the line than just his heart, and a combustible attraction that’s sure to cause more than one sweaty night.


Find it on:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | ARe | Kobo

Find it in Print (also includes the prequel, Winter Eve):

eStore | Amazon



It took ten minutes too long to reach his small one-bedroom cabin. Once inside, he carried her straight to the bedroom, flung the comforter back, and laid the female on his bed. As soon as her leg touched the mattress, she groaned in pain. Frowning, he walked to his dresser, grabbed a pair of joggers, and put them on.

He went back to the bed and sat down next to her, jarring her hip. Another painful groan made him pause. He lifted her sweater to undo her jeans so he could look at the wound. When he touched the button, she flung opened her eyes, screamed, and swung her arms wildly.

Damn it.

He fought with her for a few seconds before he got hold of her arms and pinned them to the bed. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Her eyes held a wild fear he hoped never to see in a female again. The claw marks etched into both her cheeks fueled his fury more. He breathed in then out slowly.

Calm down before you scare her more than she already is.

“My name is Travis Hunter. You’re safe.”

She blinked then looked around the room. “Where…am I?”

He growled low in his throat. The tremor in her voice cut through him. “My home.”

She tried to break from his hold, and he tightened his grip. “You’re safe. I killed the rogues.”

The woman stilled and searched his face, the wildness still heavy in her blue eyes. “You’re a wolf.”

He smiled and nodded. “And you’re a tiger.”

“A white tiger.”

To match her white-blond hair. “And a beautiful one.”


Harlie’s Character Interview Questions

Name: Shayna Andrews (Shay)


Tell us a little about where you live.


I live in Ashwood Falls. It’s a leopard/wolf Pack located in the Smokey Mountains. Yes, I said leopard and wolf. About thirty years ago, before I was born, the leopards and wolves merged their Packs together to better protect themselves and fight against the Onyx Pack – a Pack of rogue shifters.

Ashwood is a strong Pack and all the members have learned to live together. I love the diverse community.


Who are your closest friends?


Cameron, a black jaguar and a senior enforcer. She is also my older brother’s, Blaine, mate. Cam is only ten older than me, so we relate on so many levels.

Danica is my other bestie. She’s the Pack Healer.

Describe yourself in three words:


Strong, caring, and protective


Who do you love?


Travis Hunter. He’s a sexy wolf who had saved me from a rogue attack.

Without giving too much away, what was one of your favorite moments with that person?


Anytime we are together, no matter what we are doing.


Anything you would like to say to your author?


I’d like to tell her thanks for telling mine and Travis’s story so we can share it with everyone.


Before I start my review I have to admit something…I don’t read a lot of shifter books.  I admit it and I’m not proud of it but its out there.  What intrigued me about A Tiger’s Claim was that the fact it dealt with a tiger and a wolf.  Most shifter books keep within the same species so again…how is this going to play out?  How are their babies going to come out in the end?  Half tiger, half wolf?  I can’t even imagine how the shift would happen.  But in this book we don’t have to worry about that yet but darn it, now I’m hooked on the start of the series, so I’ll keep reading to find out.

A Tiger’s Claim starts off with a bang and never lets up.  Our heroine, Shay is shot at, mauled, and left to die a couple of times and I finally caught my breath in the end.  Whew!  When she was attacked by the rogues in the beginning of the book, she was rescued by a wolf shifter, Travis.   She didn’t know if she could trust me but when she came into heat, she couldn’t resist him.  Was it love or lust between them?  And what about Travis’ other mate?  What happened to her?  And let’s mention his daughter, Josie.  She’s such a sweet little girl and learning about what happens to her in the book is…  Just read it.  ;)

I loved this book.  The characters are richly drawn and engaging.  I was never lost when Ms. Davis explained Ashwood Falls and how it came to be.  It fasnicated me that two different species merged together to form a bigger pack and relied on each other.  Most shifters stay within their own kind but not in Ashwood Falls.  Oh and there is a human that has mated with a shifter, too.   There might seem like there is a lot going on and in some ways there is but I never felt lost.  Ms. Davis keeps the pace flowing and the dialogue crisp.  Oh and did I mention the suspense element that she has woven into the story?  Yep, I’m a goner.  I never guessed who was behind the attacks so when it was revealed, I was pleasantly shocked.  Great job!

I look forward to reading more about Ashwood Falls, the two packs that form it and the fabulous secondary characters that came alive on the page.  I can’t wait!!!!

About the Author:   Lia Davis

Lia Davis is a mother to two young adults and two very special kitties, a wife to her soul mate, a paranormal romance author, graphic designer, and co-owner to Fated Desires Publishing, LLC. She and her family live in Northeast Florida battling hurricanes and very humid summers. But it’s her home and she loves it!

An accounting major, Lia has always been a dreamer with a very activity imagination. The wheels in her head never stop. She ventured into the world of writing and publishing in 2008 and loves it more than she imagined. Writing and designing are stress relievers that allow her to go off in her corner of the house and enter into another world that she created, leaving real life where it belongs.

Her favorite things are spending time with family, traveling, reading, writing, chocolate, coffee, nature and hanging out with her kitties.

Author website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | G+

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Heels & Heroes by Tiffany Allee – Review/Giveaway

Heels&Heroes banner

GIVEAWAY INFO: It is tour wide for a $10 Amazon Gift Card.  Ends 4/4/2013.  Rafflecopter Link is at the bottom of the post.  Good Luck!

Title: Heels and Heroes

Author: Tiffany Allee

Genre: Superhero Romance, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Decadent

Format: Ebook

Length: 27,000 words | 79 Pages

Buy Links: Amazon | B&N | Decadent Publishing |

Book Description:

Brenda is a second-rate superhero, normally more concerned with uniform fashion than defeating bad guys. But when a violent, new super villain declares war against her city, she suddenly finds her specialized power to deafen sound in high demand.

As if facing the destructive force of a new enemy isn’t bad enough, she finds herself paired with the powerful, yet emotionally distant, Justice. Forced to work at the side of the only man who gets her heart pounding, Brenda is not only in danger of losing her life in battle, but also her heart to a man who might not be able to love her back.


“You think only some superheroes are real?” he asked, shock rushing through him.

“Justice,” she said, after glancing around to make sure they were alone. “There is a difference between real superheroes like you who have the power to save people from villains on a regular basis and people like me. My powers, such as they are, don’t make me any different from Maria and other normal people. Yours do.”

“You think it’s the powers that separate us?” Before he realized what he was doing, he was up from his chair and standing only inches from her. Her face was turned away, and she had to look at him so he could make her understand. He touched her soft skin with his fingertips, tipping her chin up. A scowl cut across her full mouth at his touch, but she didn’t move away.

“Isn’t it?” Her voice was soft, caressing.

It took a moment for him to remember what they were talking about.

“It’s not our powers that separate us—make us heroes. Yes, us,” he added as she started to shake her head. “It’s the willingness to put on the uniform. To face things that might be stronger than ourselves in order to save other people. And the lack of power you’re talking about?” Her skin brushed against his as he leaned in to whisper. “That lack of power is what makes you a real superhero, Brenda, because you’re willing to fight in spite of that fact.”

She turned her head, mouth parted to argue with him, to deny what he could so clearly see. Bringing his face down inches from hers, he grazed her jawline with his knuckles. She swayed toward him, gaze fixed on his mouth. She licked her lips, and the last bit of control he’d clung to broke.

Her lips were soft—so soft—and after a moment’s hesitation she kissed him back with a zeal he hadn’t expected. The sweet smell of strawberries filled his nose, and it occurred to him on some level that the intoxicating scent was probably her shampoo. He reached for her, touching her back with his hand, needing to get closer, to feel her body on his. She pressed against him eagerly, and her mouth opened. Soft and wet, her tongue caressed his.

Suddenly he couldn’t think about anything but her. The way she’d filled out her tight, little uniform. And the sexy confidence she donned with her conservative blouse and slacks. He hardened painfully in his uniform, and she moaned. The small sound made every muscle in his body tighten. He didn’t care that they were practically in public. He had to have her. Now.


All I can say is I want more, please.  Yes, please.  I’m begging.  Being a HUGE superhero fan and needing an Avengers fix, this book filled it for me.  I could write a separate blog about my favorite superheroes, The Avengers movie and individually ones, Old Batman movies vs. Christain Bale’s Batman, why I’m leery but excited about the new Superman and lastly, I really missed Tobie in the last Spiderman movie.  *sigh*  But I digress…

What first drew me to the book for review was the title.  Yes, the title…Heels & Heroes.  Then when I read the blurb, OMG, superheroes.  I’ve read some superhero books and unfortunately, they left me cold.  Heels & Heroes had humor, snappy dialogue and two people who very much-needed each other.  There was just enough world building in the story to keep you interested and your head not spinning.  The premise was simple, too which I liked.  Take one superhero who doesn’t think she’s all that super, a superhero that is a super and mix in a villain that was truly simple in nature but also awesome with his power and you get Heels & Heroes.

Brenda has grown up in a family of truly superheroes.  Always feeling like she was a disappointment to everyone around her, she retreats into her life but can’t get over how the leader of her group of supers gets her heart racing.  When her skill set is needed she has to work with Justin, her leader, she’s not sure that she is up to the task.  Justice (Justin) thinks she is and pushes her to realize that she is super and doesn’t need the headlines to make her that super.  Justice is only sure of one thing…being a superhero.  Women are a completely different thing for him as he hides behind his mask and doesn’t let people in…super or not.  What is it about Brenda that gets under his skin and want to protect her when she doesn’t need the protection?  The scenes had Brenda’s parents house were excellent and let’s not forget the smexiness either.  :)  Very well written and sigh worthy.

Again, I loved this book and I’m hoping that Ms. Allee has more stories for Brenda, Justice, Char and the rest of her superheroes.  I’d be first in line to snap them up.

About the Author: Tiffany Allee_BW

CPA-turned-romance-author Tiffany Allee used to battle spreadsheets in Corporate America, and now concentrates on her characters’ battles to find love. Raised in small-town Colorado, Tiffany currently lives in Phoenix, AZ, by way of Chicago and Denver. She is happily married to a secret romantic who tolerates her crazy mutterings.

She writes about ass-kicking heroines and the strong heroes who love them. Her work includes the suspense-driven From the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series which revolves around a group of paranormal cops solving crimes and finding love, and Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid, a lighthearted paranormal romance (Entangled Publishing).

Tiffany has an MBA in accounting and nearly a decade of experience in corporate finance. All super useful stuff for a writer who spends far too much time trying to figure out fun ways to keep her characters apart, and interesting ways to kill people (for her books—of course!).

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Alpha Me Not (White Wolf #3) by Jianne Carlo – Book Blitz/Excerpt/Giveaway


Giveaway Info:
Prize is an eBook copy of “Alpha Me Not (White Wolf #3)”. Contest is tour-wide, open internationally and ends Apr 2. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.  Rafflecopter Link is at the bottom of the post.  Good luck!

Alpha Me Not (White Wolf #3)

by Jianne Carlo

Contemporary Erotic Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Categories: Action/Adventure, Mystery/Thriller

Publisher: Loose-Id

Release Date: August 12, 2012

Heat Level: Sizzling

Length: 233 pages


Buy Links




Loose ID: Loose-Id


Susie White wants no picket fences, no alpha, and no cubs. White wolf woman she may be, but no pack for her, no sireee. Alpha me not, that’s her motto. In all caps.

Mercenary and half-breed wolf Joe Huroq’s not looking for a mate. Stop and go screwing, that’s his motto. Hot and heavy between missions. Then he glimpses his new neighbor tanning nude and the situation explodes.

Literally. Susie’s house is consumed by fire. What’s Joe to do but offer Susie his hospitality?

Susie can’t resist the temptation of big, bad, mercenary, so she suggests a friends with benefits arrangement which he accepts with an amazing alacrity. The sex is frantic, hot, and frequent. Neither one can keep their hands off the other.

Then children go missing. The fire’s deemed arson. Bodies pile up. Susie refuses to accept Joe’s mate claim. Can he keep her safe when she won’t obey a single order?

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains explicit sex scenes and/or situations and adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.


Alpha Me Not!

Genres: Erotic Paranormal Contemporary

Tag Line: Susie White’s motto is Alpha Me Not.  Mercenary wolf Joe Huroq lives for hot sex and no strings. They add up to the perfect affair, but murder changes everything.

Buy Links: Amazon ARe B&N  Fictionwise   Loose-Id


Excerpt -Alpha Me Not! –Adult:

She was alive.

If Joe hadn’t knocked on her door and bugged her into going out for dinner, she would’ve been in the cottage when it exploded.

She jerked to a sitting position. She could’ve died tonight. Kicked the bucket at the ripe old age of twenty-five.

Gone to her maker a freaking virgin. What the heck was she waiting for? What had she saved it for anyway? It wasn’t as if she hadn’t had the opportunity to make love.

But like the rest of her dumb-ass virgin friends, she’d wanted it to be with someone special. Wanted it to mean something.

But that was before. Before she’d heard good ole Ken Laroque boasting to the entire community college football team that he’d nail her on graduation night. They’d been dating for two months, and she had been hopelessly enthralled with Kenny, fancied herself in love, and believed he felt the same way about her.

She snorted.

Pipe dreams.

Living in the small town of Chabegawn meant if you farted, everyone knew about the stinky air and discussed the intensity at length. So she’d bided her time, bearing the burden of her unwanted virginity until the day she’d left Chabegawn for good two weeks ago.

Susie tossed the covers and jumped off the bed. She paced a tight circle in front of the dresser.

No way would she die a virgin.

And it wasn’t as if she and Joe were going to be neighbors anymore. She glanced at the door. The dorm she’d stayed in was virtually empty, and the dorm master had told her that it would likely remain that way for the coming summer semester.

Joe had certainly indicated his interest in her.

And from the minute she’d set eyes on him—well, okay, from the second time she’d set eyes on him, he’d had her juices flowing.

One night.

She’d move out tomorrow, and they’d never have to see each other again.

Glancing down at the wifebeater she’d bought earlier, she debated changing. The skimpy tank showed enough skin to warrant a sexy label.


No way was she going to overanalyze the situation. Lifting her chin, she marched to the door, yanked it open, and glided down the hallway.

His bedroom was on the other side of the kitchen; he’d gestured to it earlier. Her throat went dry when she passed the gas range. Her stomach did this clench-and-jerk spasm a few feet before the dark recesses of a door.

She stumbled and jammed a hand to the wall. Was she really going to do it?

Damn right, she was. No way was she dying a virgin.

The door wasn’t shut all the way. Holding her breath, she teased it open and waited for a death-defying squeak or a click or some other deafening noise in the dead silence. Not a spark of light lessened the ominous blackness of the room.

Gawd, she smelled him. Musk, spice, and sex.

On tiptoe she made her way to the bed.

“Want that brandy after all?” He switched on a lamp.

Refusing to look anywhere but straight into his eyes, she leaned forward and set her palm to his bunched forearm. “No lights.”


About the Author

My motto is simple: Alpha Me Please. While strong heroines, exotic locations, and cultural differences are my forte, I go weak in the knees for warriors of any type, rebels, SEAls, Vikings, and bad-ass mercenaries.

Send me a man with an attitude and I’ll find the right woman to tame him. My writing career began in 2008, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to have over twenty books published. Most of my books are TOP PICKs and several have been nominated for and won awards and prizes.

Nothing makes my day more than an email from someone who’s read one of my books. So far, I’ve received emails from almost every continent on the planet. Almost…

Connect with Jianne Carlo









Manic Readers:

The Romance Studio:

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